Two faces

d-bros japan cards with faces
How far will you go to get what you want?  The internet has brought all sorts of things to our grasping, collecting hands that would have been very hard to find before. But not always.

I have had my eye on these D-BROS cards for a while. I tried to buy them from a couple of Japanese websites but they told me they were unable to send them abroad. Odd. Something to do with legal problems from people ripping off the designers, I think. Not sure. Language difficulties.

Well, my brother has friends in Japan. And he went to the trouble to ask them to buy these for me for Christmas.

The cards are lovely things. Although the sad face needs to be balanced by the happy face, that’s for sure. I have blogged D-BROS before. I think they are producing some of the most original pieces of paper around today. Formed and gently illustrated to within an inch of their lives.

Far too nice to write on, really.


simon at easyontheeye

Misao, Yoshie and Masaka have kind of got used to my occasional strange requests… I have a very nice Twiggy photo book they got me; knocks the one the V&A botched together into a cocked hat! But now the question, do you ever clean your camera lens?!


I love these mobiles Jane. D-Bros are my all-time favourite stationery brand. Their creations are truly unique. Spiral store in Tokyo sell many of their works in case you plan to visit sometime 🙂

shelf appeal

One day I will get to Tokyo. One day. All that paper, stationery, packaging. I’ll be taking an empty suitcase when I do.


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