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Here you can read some of my published writing, see where I have made digital things happen and where I have curated (and talked about) craft and design. Or you can mooch through my blog about all sorts of things that catch my eye, often ephemera, books and toys.

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  • Paul Nash patterned paper 1930s

    Paul Nash: Wonderfully particular

    23 May 2022

    I had my beady eye on this book coming out. Paul Nash is an artist and designer I always find...

  • Yoyo yo

    7 January 2022

    I have been on a bit of book binge over Christmas, getting around to reading some of my books about...

  • Holding the light

    9 May 2021

    I do like baskets. My first proper (as in paid) museum job, at Bankfield Museum in Halifax meant I looked...