The sweetest thing

W Oordt sugar packet
It’s the little things. I bought this tiny (8cm long) bit of nonsense for 50p. OK, you might say I was done. I probably was. But it’s a nice illustration and makes me happy.

Of course I Googled it. Found out it is a sugar wrapper. Opened up a scary world of sugar wrapper collectors to me. I can see the attraction but am glad I don’t feel the need to go there. Hundreds of the things, scanned and catalogued here. Some rather lovely packets. A terrible website – usability-wise.

I like that it’s Joan of Arc in a chainmail top. Can’t make out the name of the illustrator. It’s made by a Dutch sugar company called Oordt & Co of Rotterdam.

The Dutch strapline seems to translate as ‘She’s writing with Reynolds.’ Reynolds, the wiki-p tells me, is a company founded in the USA by Milton Reynolds. He ripped off Biro pens and manufactured them to great success as the Reynolds Rocket in 1945. Go him.

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