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Danish Design Museum textile room

A return trip to Copenhagen was a nice thing to do. It was cold, cold, cold. So cold the lakes had frozen over, leaving the birds somewhat disconcerted. Unsuitable shoes gained their revenge on the slippery pavements. But still, it all looked lovely, especially from the window of a warm bus.

A return trip to the Design Museum in Copenhagen was a nice thing to do too. It has been gussied up somewhat since I was last there in 2008. A lot of tasteful paint has been splashed around, complementing the original grey marble floors. And some nice displays have been mounted for 20th century stuff, pulling the exhibition displays in to line with the objects they display, aesthetically-speaking.

But this room was my favourite. On the door it was labelled (in nice gilt script) Tekstilrum. Which proved to be the case. Neat wooden drawers hiding piece after piece of antique lace. The lace was a little underwhelming but the room was lovely. Nicely understated. Plain even. But plain in that sort of expensive way I like.

The whole of this museum is classy, helped by the building itself, which was built between 1752-57 as King Frederik’s Hospital. In the 1920s the museum moved in and very nice it looks. Although it’s probably a nightmare to curate in. Never mind keep things in the condition an archivist would want them kept in.

But if you find yourself with an hour or two to spare in Copenhagen and want to look at pretty things.. And what’s more, they let you take photos.



Oh, that looks great! I’ve finally realised after several confused trips in the past year or two that the V&A has taken away similar (upright) cases they had like these. They’ve gone to a new facility, but I’ve got a horrible feeling you’ll only be able to see them by appointment now. There was something so nice about being able to discover them for yourself.

shelf appeal

It’s very old school, having drawers of textiles. But you are right, choosing to look and discover, even in old wooden drawers, is a very real pleasure.


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