Celine wooden fashion show invite

The fashion world is often accused of being ephemeral. How great it is, then, when that means nice bits of ephemera for me. I have waxed lyrical already on these pages over a Moschino giraffe and Giles Deacons’ glasses – as examples of mighty fine fashion show invite design. Well, a few more invites were cleared out of my fashion friend’s bottom drawer recently. Amongst the glitter was a very stark, minimal and, er, wooden, invite for the Céline show Autumn / Winter 2011 – 2012.

Beautifully executed, this, by Peter Miles who oversees all things Céline and graphic at the moment. He was part of design collective Fuel in previous moments. He engineered the Céline font, which is the logo, really. The wooden bit of this invite is a veneer front stuck to cardboard. The logo is applied slightly raised and the whole thing is varnished. Details are printed on the reverse, on a sumptuous grey lilac. It is jolly nice.

And ‘why wood?’ I imagine you asking. Well it was the one of the visual metaphors of choice for Ms Philo, when designing her collection. Those nice walnut dashboards in vintage cars? Translated in print. But, mostly, the craftsmanship of traditional car interiors was aligned with the craftsmanship of rather beautiful clothes tailoring.


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