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Heals furniture for childrens page of 1930s booket

I don’t often do follow-up posts.  But someone asked me if the Heal’s catalogue had anything in it for children?  As I love toys and it had a double page spread of they are.

When I looked in more detail at what was chosen for particular children, it’s interesting but not really surprising that all the toys are tasteful ones.  Nothing celluloid. Everything traditional. A wooden hunting scene (which dates the whole thing), an ark, animals, dolls, a train and a very 1930s looking galloping horse.

I really love the small wooden greenhouse with ‘moveable doors, windows and artificial flowers and plants’ and the extremely smart Heal & Son van with ‘porters, horses with nosebags, removal matting etc’. The porters have fab gingham headgear on. And it looks like the small wooden furniture ‘Tudor design, seven pieces’ pictured would pack in to the van.

Oh, how I would love to play with that van. Back then and right now.

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Oh thank you!
The whole Noah’s ark set is a beauty.I find it amusing that animals seem to be fleeing the ark and willing to board the van. A safer way on the road ?


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