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Hvass and Hannibal Herbarium  fabric textile Heal's

Shelf Appeal doesn’t usually preview things. This is mostly all about the old, tatty, and well used.

But Shelf Appeal has seen the new textiles coming from the venerable old brand Heal’s. Heal’s has, of course, appeared here several times. Shelf Appeal likes old Heal’s things. A lot. Seems Shelf Appeal gets to like new Heal’s things now, too.

Heal’s is amidst a change around. It all got a bit embarrassing and cluttered in there for a while. You wanted to buy things. But you ended up scuttling out annoyed that things had got so bad with a brand once so good.

Amongst the new stuff and nonsense will be textiles (and things made of textiles) in really rather super patterns. At the moment Marimekko is where one goes to get modern textile loveliness. There isn’t a lot of competition in the UK fabric market.

Heal’s has a grand tradition of textiles. They were where textiles were ‘at’ throughout most of the 20th century. Happily their new textiles zing a lot. The design pictured by Hvass and Hannibal Herbarium (a collection of preserved plant specimens dontcha know) is my favourite. They are new to me, these Danish designer-illustrators. But have done some grand things.

Rollup for the rollout on March 1.



Thanks for alerting me to this. I am a fellow scuttler out of Heal’s although I did linger long enough to buy a nifty sofa/ bed a while back. I have a nice old advert somewhere for Heal’s fabrics when Conran was just starting out.


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