Knitted, for a Man

Cocoon Knitting Wool
With thanks to all those involved in digitisation projects in archives and museums across the land, I spent a happy hour cooing at a collection of knitting manuals just released on the inimitable VADS site.

What crackers these are. You can download each manual in its entirety (end papers and everything) and take up the instructional art of knitting, netting or crochet. You can learn to knit stockings and sew book covers for deep sea fishermen. Or proceed to make a ‘Gentleman’s knickerbocker stocking in scotch fingering.’ I like the fact you are told when you are knitting ‘for a Man.’

Alternatively you might simply bask in the lovely typography, diagrammatic illustrations and covers of these pretties.

If you know Shelf Appeal, you know I like an illustration of a domestic item or two. A simple engraving of a ball of wool is enough to make me happy. Illustrations of socks, even more so. Gloves? Bring it on. The simple things.

And lastly, my favourite cover in the collection. Just because:
The Silkworm Series

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