Junk Mail

Photograph of Christopher Brown hedgehog on leaflet

I first trotted down to Few and Far in a lunch hour, always happy to investigate a new shop. It’s an odd mixture, a sort of lifestyle boutique where you can’t quite identify the lifestyle. Some really nice things. The stronger designs packed away downstairs. A bit of a jumble to the eye upstairs. But interesting.

Still, their bits of advertising and signage dotted around the shop were rather nice and so I signed up for their mailings. Happy to have done so, too, as I just got a nice little leaflet – with illustrations by Christopher Brown – through my door.

Christopher Brown, an erstwhile pupil of Edward Bawden is beloved of St Jude’s Gallery in Norfolk. St Jude’s have their finger laid gently on the pulse of a burgeoning nostalgia for comfortable interwar and mid-century art and design. Browns small linocut prints embody the word charming. The Few and Far Autumn leaflet has a twig-carrying hedgehog on the front, making me smile and think happily of cooler days ahead.

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