In the night bedroom

Photograph of a Habitat cup next to Anglepoise lamp

I read in last months Elle Decoration magazine that you should decorate bedrooms for night – rather than day – time. Sounds simple. Trite even. But it struck me. As a long term insomniac I spend a lot of time in my bedroom at night. Awake.

I really get my money’s worth from that room. But hadn’t really twigged that it is indeed a night room, until I read that. It is a tasteful (to me) cocoon. Minimalist if not plain. Sludge pink walls. Not much hung on them. A small Vitsoe hanging rail for a depressingly small array of clothes. Dark, in-between-coloured plain bedding. A dappled Jaeger rabbit on the old fireplace. An old glass-fronted bookcase (bought from a renovating Leeds University) for blankets and books. Oh, and a pile of magazines. For they are the perfect read when you are hovering between exhaustion and wakefulness.

I did that thing, a few years ago, of not fighting the insomnia. It didn’t make me any less tired but it did make me less stressed about it. More likely to just do things, potter, read..

And so, early this morning I was to be found taking a photo of my Habitat mug, recently emptied of Horlicks (I know, I know). It is sitting under my beloved Anglepoise Type75 on top of said bookcase.

Designed for nighttime indeed.


shelf appeal

Yes, it was a real find that. They did other toys and had a fab children’s shop within-a-shop in the 30’s and 40’s. In fact, I might dig out my pic of that and blog it..


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