Hey Hay

Hay Denmark card wallets

I first came across the brand HAY in Copenhagen where they have a shop and a lot of presence across the design-centric retailing in that city. Not so surprising as they are Danish. Their things are much harder to find in the UK. Bits pop up here and there. But not so much.

More than in their own shop, I remember their products in the Illum store in Copenhagen. There was graphic bedding, boxes and lots of beguiling bits to admire.

The thing that really makes HAY things are the colours. Just left of centre, just off-pastel, just short of fluro and all most unusual. Their stacks of boxes in just-matching colours – going down in size like squared-off Matryoshka dolls – are stationery art. Happily they’ve made it to London and are for sale in the precious stationery enclave of Present & Correct. And can be seen taunting passers-by in their window.

Visiting the P&C shop I dearly wanted that pile of pretty boxes for my very own. But I really have no actual need for a pile of boxes. And I really can’t squeeze them on the shelf. So I compromised and bought the two sharp looking card wallets pictured here. One in an almost-fluro orange, one in a nice check grid. Both with a velco fastening. Yum.

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