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Photograph of Marks and Spencers origami paper dogs

Shopping centres are not what they might be. Usually nothing more than somewhere to stay out of the rain, or to find a seat. Not a nice places, really. The interiors are what they are – generic. It’s usually the ugly exteriors of these centres and their awkward, if not nihilistic, sitings that very often ruin the flow of towns. Everything under one roof meant the death knell of many regal high streets across the country.

I spotted these two lovelies in the window of M&S; in Lewisham shopping centre. A real rainy day looking place that does the town no favours at all.

Poor things. They were not shown to advantage. Not nicely placed. The window display wasn’t harmonious in any way. And the clothing goods on sale in most M&S; stores wouldn’t gladden anyone’s heart. But still I stopped and smiled and snapped. Someone, somewhere, had tried to put some wit into their promotional campaign.

These particular perky paper hounds look to be Scottish Terriers. Better known as ‘Southport dogs’ to my friends as they seem to be the dog of choice in the seaside town. Perhaps because they fit so well under all those old-fashioned tea room tables?

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