Image of Donna Wilson egg cup with egg

Life as a freelancer can be peripatetic and a little bit invisible.  You are paid to do a good job. Then paid to leave.  If you get asked back, you know you did all right. But you can’t have it both ways. And the freedom and changed-ness of the life more than makes up for the lack of leaving hullabaloo. And anyway I’m from the north, where we don’t make a fuss.

I often buy something to celebrate leaving each piece of work.  A job well done pat-on-the-back. And this month, a commemoration of making it 5 years as a freelancer, too.

So today, being a lady of momentary leisure (having signed-off my latest project) I popped in to the lovely Magma product shop on Earlham Street.  They have a good buyer there, that’s for sure.  Lots of indie-kid stuff: toys, nice graphic nonsense, sub-tech tat and good cards.

I had seen this egg cup on a day trip to Brighton a few months ago. But I left it behind because I was weighted down (though lighter of purse) with books from an uber remainder art book shop in the Lanes.  So, it was the work of seconds to buy one in Magma.

I have an abiding affection for items with faces on them.  See a very recent post on the same subject.  This meg cup egg cup is by Donna Wilson, toy knitter woman and rather good designer of everything else.  It came in a simple brown card box with a sticker on it. So, two for the price of one for me.

There are some dressed egg cups on Donna’s blog.  But I like mine straight up.

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