Liberty Tana Lawn envelope

Envelopes are rather satisfying things. In amongst the paper bits and pieces that Shelf Appeal has tucked away is this plain brown envelope, lined with Liberty fabric. It was not really intended for using, for posting. Who could bear to slick a line of Pritt Stick on this? It is more of a paper conceit.

This envelope came from the shop Merci in Paris. A trip to Paris is now never complete without a scuttle around Merci, tripping over all the linen bedding and re-contextualised wooden cutlery and ‘cheap’ plain drinking glasses. Looking for something to buy to get one of their paper carrier bags – surely the crème de la crème of paper bags, Miss Brodie?

Their stationery corner is small but beautifully formed. When I bought this, there was a Liberty v Merci thing going on, where they’d covered all manner of suitcases and notebooks and such with Liberty fabric. As is often the way, my favourite item was probably the cheapest. Because I like thin paper things or the things other things are wrapped in.

Although I have to admit, this wasn’t what most people would call cheap for an envelope I never intend to actually use. And, mad as the world is, it was probably made in China or India so that it could be retailed for a few pounds to design degenerates in Merci. The Liberty fabric is beautifully, smoothly attached to the envelope. And, for the tailors amongst you, the envelope is fully lined. No half-mast solutions here.


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