Easter bonnet

Peter Grundy cat

Shelf Appeal has a new Easter bonnet. The third commissioned header, up there, is by graphic designer Peter Grundy. I’ve long been a fan and am delighted to have a piece of his work sitting here.

It’s a much more graphic than illustrate-y header. But very nice and feeling different for that. I love the arching cat (tiger?) on the final ‘a’ especially. A latter-day Orlando the Marmalade Cat.

The previous header was by Michael Kirkham and the one before that, by Emily Sutton. 3 is the magic number.


shelf appeal

Glad you like it. Yes, it is the time of year for changing blog headers. Or hats. Or bonnets.


Should that be so Shelf Appealing, or is that too obvious? I find your new look on this first uncommonly warm day of british summertime. Make’s me want to pack my leather-trimmed canvas rucksack with a thermos and go exploring. I love the F. In my mind they’re sheep and make’s me think of Yorkshire, but I also agree that the arching Tiger’s beautifully consolidated

shelf appeal

“My leather-trimmed canvas rucksack with a thermos.” I so see you clambering around a Brian Cook landscape.


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