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Kubasta advert

Twitter has bought me mostly nothing but nice things. Daily bits of gossip, both personal and professional. Links to the weird, beautiful, popular and obscure. A way of finding new people who share links with my worlds, personal and professional.

I was just sent a link to a lovely online resource about Vojtěch Kubašta, a Czech artist who was an illustrator and maker of wonderful paper pop up things. I might have found the website eventually. But how much nicer to have someone else find it and think: ‘Hmm, Shelf Appeal might like this.’ Then that someone takes the time to send it through. Virtual propinquity.

I do love an online resource of pretty paper things. One click after another of cooing and gasps of delight. This particular collection was bought together by the Bienes Museum of the Modern Book, which seems to me a place I might like to just go and live in.

The Kubašta archive covers adverts, pop-up books, posters, calendars, postcards. It is a pretty spectacular body of work. I now want to find a bit of Kubašta for myself. Perhaps a little book. Perhaps a little pop up book. For the online simply wets my appetite for a bit of the offline – to put on the shelf.

Kubasta Koh-i-noor advert



I have always loved the beautiful pictures produced by this artist, and live in hope that some day there will be an exhibition of his work in the UK.


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