Top cat

Topshop paper carrier bag

Shelf Appeal is not just about the appeal of old things. Walking down Oxford Street the other day (or doing the Oxford Street shuffle, so busy is it) I kept spotting these super Topshop paper carrier bags.

Topshop is an interesting one. Especially to anyone interested in retail history. It has made itself a covetable high street brand available to the many. Harder than it sounds, I should think.

The Topshop flagship store that larges it over Oxford Circus is a place to people watch. If not the place to people watch. Sitting waiting for a friend outside a changing cubicle there was some of the best (fashion) fun I ever had. It is a TV documentary waiting to happen.

I like the unapologetic nature of this brand. I also like their logo design; it makes of a cheesy 1970s sounding name something mutable and changeable yet constant.

The 3D cat is one of a few recent Topshop paper bags that have been worth noticing. It is also part of the cat meme going down at Oxford Circus at the moment – this print was also available on t-shirts and iPhone cases. And other cat prints were strewn across dresses, socks and (of course) thongs.

All adding up to nothing less than the cats meow.

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