Together again

Porsgrund woman and child condiment set

Back in 2010 Shelf Appeal posted about a favourite piece on the shelf. A lovely ceramic salt pot, shaped and patterned to please. I was looking a long time for the other half to this condiment set, a smaller pot and representing a son, probably. I finally got both pieces. They seem very correct sitting together. It would be cruel to separate them. Ever again.

Yet the mystery of their manufacture remained. I posted on the rather excellent 20th Century Forum. But the conclusions were inconclusive. Arabia? Figgjo Flint?

Last week a lovely reader left a comment on this blog and sent me this image. This picture makes me happy. It not only solves a years old search for provenance (you can take the woman out of Design History..) it also presents these super ceramics in their original and very nice cardboard packaging glory.

That very smart P&P anchor logo represents Porsgrund Porselen, a Norwegian ceramic company still going strong today. Isn’t the name ‘Madame condiment set’ great too?

No need to speculate on how much I would now like to find one of the boxes.


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