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Image of fireworks exploding from Blackheath firework display 2010I don’t often sneak something I have done or made on to this blog.  Or rather I take most of the images of things not scanned. But I don’t ‘out’ my own stuff, authored, as it were.

I realised at some point (that getting old thing perhaps) that most people aren’t so self-critical. They just take pics (or whatever making activity it is that takes their fancy) and put them out there. All those people on Flickr, Esty, the web.. Making things. Some of it good. Some of it bad. But all just out there. For the seeing. And, sometimes, buying.

I am so critical of things I produce myself. Certainly more critical than other people. Who either say nice things. Or, more likely, say nothing at all. I often wonder if it’s because I have spent so many years studying and critiquing other peoples’ design work. That that is the reason I feel the need to turn an unflinching academic appraisal technique on myself.

Anyway.  Enough already. Get over it. I got over it. Joined Flickr. Outed myself.

I’m really enjoying snapping things these days. I don’t over-think it. Not that this post proves otherwise. I don’t hanker for more equipment. Have forgotten exposure and composition, if I ever knew them.  I just take out the wee digital camera (OK, OK, it’s a beautiful thing that I spent a lot of time choosing) and snap. And mostly I leave the images alone. Bypass Photoshop except for re-sizing. Being able to do anything to an image has made me want to do nowt.

So. Fireworks in Blackheath, London last weekend. Shaky hand, snap and go. Here. The image from the set I chose for this post reminds me of a bit of Lesage embroidery on a Schiaparelli cape. Happenstance in the nicest possible way.

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