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Red Riding Hood stamps, 1960 by Hans Michel and Günther Kieser

It has been stamp week here at Shelf Appeal.

I’ve been ogling the suggestive stamps that have been released to celebrate Tom of Finland’s work. I can’t help wondering if they are stick-on or lickable stamps. And I can’t help feeling we have somewhat lame stamp alternatives in Britain. Most of the time.

And then these super lovely little Red Riding Hood numbers appeared, a present from Present and Correct.

The Red Riding Hoods were part of a series of stamps based upon tales by the Brothers Grimm and were designed in 1960 by Hans Michel and Günther Kieser. Those two were cranking out stamp designs for the German Federal Post Office for years, as well as posters and what not for others. All in a very pleasing graphic style.

I had a thing for stamps as a child. My Galt Toy Post Office was laid out for business in my bedroom. And those free charity Christmas stamps that were posted through the door occasioned a little too much excitement.

Since then the stamps that most made me happy were the Michael Peters and Partners Ltd 1990 Smile series and Johnson Banks’ interactive set of vegetables and stickers. I have a set of both, unused and unstuck. Small, splendid little graphic wonders.

Lastly, whilst I may be in danger of protesting too much, obviously all this does not a stamp collector make me. Obviously.



Great tip-off, thank you. Gave up stamps by the age of 8 for an endless succession of now largely redundant other collections, but I think I have to find shelf-space for Tom of Finland stamps. And I agree about the Smile series, they were smartest looking set Royal Mail had produced in years.


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