Sleep to dream

Image of cat from animation by Tokyoplastic called Kitteh Kitteh

When I’m not getting far too excited by old things, I put my head out the window and see what new things are around.

I’ve liked animation long time. I worked on a (now gone) animation gallery at the Media Museum in Bradford. A long time ago. Emailing Pixar (I was a bit star struck at the time, I admit), learning about Lotte Reiniger and searching through Hallas and Batchelor. It was a nice job.

So I keep an eye on onedotzero. It’s a great digital animation festival in London. I really like seeing the little things (animations) on the big things (cinema screens). Last night I saw the wow + flutter show. That name is enough to make me want to go.

It has good, bad. but not often indifferent, shorts from new and upcoming animators. You can just tell the mad ad men are going to pinch lots of the ideas seen there. I love the work that goes into these shorts. Someone somewhere is getting backache hunched over their computer doing this stuff.

There were two shorts that stood out for me last night. And they made the somewhat self-conscious crowd laugh. Kitteh Kitteh is a character by tokyoplastic. A rather nice, snoring, purring, ear-twitching kitten dreaming of world domination. Simple, witty and pretty. Old school animation made the modern way.

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this is a very disturbing image for some reason, positively creepy in fact. Must be Japanese….


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