Sheep’s clothing

Moorlands sheepskin bookmark

I don’t know about you, but my feet are cold. I dally between my Icelandic wool slippers, layering up the socks, blanket coverage. Nothing quite seems to do the trick. But researching this little bookmark has made me think to get a bit of sheepskin, perhaps. Now, I’m a vegetarian. But not that kind of vegetarian. So I may purchase.

The short history of Morlands on their website got me a little excited. Not only are they still going and making since 1870, in Glastonbury (that can’t be helped). But their sheepskin products outfitted RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain and went in to the backpack of Edmund Hilary on his tootle up Mount Everest in 1952. I think that is about the date of this bookmark, so that ties up nicely in my random ephemeral brain. Somehow.

I like bookmarks but, shockingly, don’t really use them. I fold down corners on non-pretty, non-collectable books. I use tickets and things in books I don’t want to fold corners down in. Of course, if it is an especially nice bookmark then I’m not going to be risking creasing it in a book anyway.

I am fairly sure I came across many a vintage pair of Morlands when I used to sell vintage clothing. I do wish they’d revive some of those 1940s ladies ankle booties, très chic. I also wish they’d go back to their old logo and typeface, as it was nicer then than it is now.

Still, I trust the temperatures up Mount Everest were worse than inner London. And a pair of skin of the sheep slippers might well allow me to tackle the trek from sofa to kitchen in grand style and warmth.

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