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Loewe Paper Amazona bag

I have said it before – one person’s tat is another person’s ephemeral slice of apple pie and cream. Not that this piece of ephemera was ever remotely tat nor never meant to be.

A paper version of the classic Loewe Amazona bag. Complete with a paper Loewe tag and a real metal Loewe padlock. All neatly tucked into the substantial (feel the texture) Loewe cardboard product box. Finished off with a ribbon.

The card of provenance inside reads:

‘Paper Amazona’
Limited Edition
Life Expectancy 30 days!

A substantial paper giveaway for the insubstantial fashion bunny. Kindly given to this wannabe. Referencing everything from Chinese paper clothes burnt to clothe the dead, to Warhol’s paper dresses and the recent cult of paperessness across fashion, art, design and the rest.

Not sure what it says about me that I’d much rather this paper version than the real thing.


Daniel Mason

Looks like Tyvek to me. Though it would last longer than 30 days. However leather would give a lifetime of luxury. Please post some more images, the box in particular. I like Tyvek and have made facsimile leather items, using this material, in the past myself

shelf appeal

I will get some more photos up somewhere. I think the box is a standard Loewe one, but what do I know?


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