Moving words

Front of the Jane Gibberd bookshop, Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London

Shelf Appeal was 3 years old in March. For all this time it has been sitting on Blogger very happily. But Blogger have stopped supporting FTP publishing. I am using that as an excuse to move over to WordPress. Or rather I am watching my good friend Daniel move it for me.

Shelf Appeal will be more than the usual sum of its parts in a few weeks. Hopefully it will be better, more flexible for me. Have more images and content for you. And, overall, it will be more socially-minded.

For 3 years I have rather ignored the housing to concentrate on the contents. But it is exciting to have the opportunity to tweak and potter and do new things. As the new shelves are filled, though, the shop front will have the blinds down for a little bit.

The address will be the same.

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