Makeup a robot

Chanel beauty robot

Shelf Appeal makes no claim to be fashionable. In fact a little dust and age on things makes them (usually) infinitely better. Don’t tell London Fashion Week I said that.

Early last year I picked up some postcards on the Chanel beauty counter in that yellow-bagged shop on Oxford Street, also known as Selfridges. I made like a pointer dog when I spotted them across the shop. And moved like a veritable streak of lightning between counters to bag me some.

I later found out the cards accompanied a campaign for Chanel beauty directed by the director of Chanel beauty – Peter Philips. Beauty advertising can be very tired. Decorating an already decorative Hollywood starlet doesn’t fool us still, does it?

Well, maybe it does. But this Chanel campaign was something a bit different. There was a great animation, using Chanel makeup to make up makeup robots. And these here lenticular cards, which obviously made me très happy as they are paper.

A nice late side-benefit was how pretty the lenticular’s were when I scanned them. Almost like a robot x-ray.

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