Photograph of a David Shrigley drawing on window at Pringle, Bond Street

David Shrigley gets about a bit.

Walking past Pringle on Bond Street I was happy to spot his ‘intervention’ window display for them. His typical skew-whiff mad characters sporting pringle-esque clothing, drawn onto backdrops and window vinyl. There is also an accompanying promo animation on their website.

Pringle are doing some interesting things to market themselves at the moment. As well as their Shrigley collaboration – which began last summer with t-shirt designs – they currently have a rather nice photographic campaign going with actress Tilda Swinton modelling their mens and womenswear against rocks in Scotland. Better than it sounds.

Shrigley has a nice, slightly out of date website which belongs to someone clever about marketing himself. Things to buy, images of a nice mural he did for a skateboard park and even a rather scary page for people to post images of Shrigley tattoos they have had done.

There is something knowingly amateurish about Shrigley’s work. I see him more as a cartoonist than anything. But rather than a political cartoonist – a cultural one. He still seems to command the epithet ‘artist’ though.

Getting away with it, I’d say.

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