Icy land

Image of wooden telegraph pole taken in Iceland

My recent trip to Iceland turned out nice. An apartment populated by Hans Wegner chairs was a good start.

Reykjavik was, to be honest, a disappointment.  Ugly and a bit barren somehow. The shops not so hot. The architecture East-European council estate nondescript.

But once outside of the city it was nature writ large.

Now, I’m more city than country. But even I couldn’t fail to be impressed. A glacial lake complete with icebergs. A waterfall complete with a permanent rainbow, another so big and cold it’d frozen everything around about. Geysers like boiling kettles, only not plugged in. Super big snow-topped mountains looming everywhere. Nice wooden telegraph poles stretching into the never-never. Volcanic black beaches.

I did find shops to interest me though – the supermarkets. It’s always good to see how the other half eat and package up their eats. I became rather obsessed with some yoghurt drink (actually horrible stuff) packages. Brought one home I did. Empty, of course. Looks nice on the kitchen shelf.

After all, I couldn’t bring back a mountain, could I?


shelf appeal

Not wonderful for city-type things but rather wonderful for country type things.

shelf appeal

Not seen Stardust I’m afraid. The music from Iceland is good though. The Armitage piece is good, too. Seem to actually have had some holidays this year.


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