Hum and haw

Nous Vous toy
I really do like the bits and pieces coming out of Nobrow. The whole imprint has the feel of something a bit different. There is a really good eye (or eyes) behind their books, prints, comics and what have yous.

Well, those eyes alighted on Nous Vous at Pick Me Up (which I missed) and they acquired a few of their dolls to sell. Nobrow twittered and blogged the dolls. I hummed and hawed the dolls. I visited the Nobrow shop. And I bought one.

Nous Vous are a design collective and this doll makes me want to see more of them. He has good shape, good dress sense and he leans happily up against all my books, adding a bit of personality to my book spines and Vitsoe. Like an illustration come to life.

Oh, I also purchased a very nice book too. A new offering from Jon McNaught, the chap who did the super Birchfield Close. Which I picked up at last years Pick Me Up. Pebble Island is as beautifully illustrated as that book, full of detail and quiet wit.

The Nobrow shop is pretty darn nice. Websites are one thing. But in the end I want a destination, I want to browse, to be tempted, to part with money and trundle home with a crisp paper bag containing something for the shelf. It doesn’t come much better than that.


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