Burberry weather

The Burberry Diary 1955 booklet

Liverpool in 1955 was doubtless (in terms of weather) as Liverpool in 2013. Ergo, if you were living there then you might have needed a decent rainproof covering. And you might have wanted something with a little something about it. Say a plaid lining.

Burberry was one of the brands to go to for a decent rainproof covering in 1955. Not as ubiquitous and ‘fashion’ as they are these days, Burberry was a sensible brand then. They made serious items of clothing of quality for people who did outdoors things on and with animals. And for people in cities who wanted to look as though they did.

This rather nice giveaway booklet, stamped with compliments of Harold R Fox of Smithdown Road, Liverpool was: ‘The Burberry Diary – a Chronological Calendar of the Important Sporting and Social Events of the Year. The Months divertingly illustrated with Many Rare Prints.’

Jolly and nice hand-coloured prints by Gilray and others illustrate the vagaries of the weather month by month. They are accompanied by a small line drawing of the months’ coat. And in unsubtle acknowledgement of the vagaries of British weather, each page of the booklet carries the legend: ‘It’s always Burberry weather.’ The comprehensive events listed would have ensured your new Burberry got plenty of outings.

There was a very similar giveaway booklet in 1956. And perhaps more after that. The Google tells me modern Burberry dug this (or a similar) booklet out of their archives and used it as a t-shirt and scarf design – and perhaps on other things, too. But I like it best in its original paper booklet form.

Mna in Burberry mackintosh 1955


Michael Williamson

Fascinating – W Eric Williamson was my father who owned the shop from around the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties.


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