A picture is worth…

Image of character looking at art from Darcel Disappoints

My Colette e-news brought me an illustration that intrigued. Even better, the artist’s blog satisfies the intrigue. Now, how often does that happen?

Darcel Disappoints, blog name, character name – and the artist seems to sign himself with this moniker too.

This blog is lovely. Really sharp observations – moments in urban time – each delivered with a really great illustration. I found myself looking back through the whole blog, which is easy to do as the whole thing consists of images and brief comments. But it doesn’t need to be anything more than that.

The illustration here is accompanied by the words:

‘A quiet afternoon in the African wing of The Met was just what I needed.’

It made me think of a favourite therapy destination I have – the lusciously peaceful Elizabethan room at the National Gallery.

Darcel Dissapoints has just done some designs for the French place to shop trend: Colette (who have just launched a nice new website too). But I prefer the blog and look forward to seeing more posts. They just make me think, in the best possible way, ‘yeah.’

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