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Michael Kirkham illustration

When Shelf Appeal moved in to its new WordPress home in April 2010, the intent was to commission header illustrations. I like illustrations and I write about them a lot. One way or another. My first header commission was drawn by Emily Sutton and went up in July 2010. It has been much admired.

As you probably know, I collect stuff. I often keep spreads from magazines. Photo shoots I like, illustrations, pictures of nice things. I had a spread from the very lovely Italian interiors magazine Casa Da Abitare from April 2008, which was very nicely drawn by one Michael Kirkham. When thinking about the second Shelf Appeal header commission, I thought I would start at the top of my list and work my way down. I had nothing to loose by emailing Michael. I did. He accepted. I abandoned my list. And a few days ago this illustration came my way.

It’s such a great style that Michael has. Very precise yet full of humour. You can see more of his work here and there.

This header is very much more masculine than Emily’s. Which you might expect. I really like the difference. I wouldn’t have wanted anything that looked the same. And I couldn’t have got anything better.

Goodbye Emily. Hello Michael.


shelf appeal

Glad you like it. It’s no hardship commissioning and working with illustrators 🙂

Daniel Nelson

I love this… I loved the last one but I love this one more. It looks so neat sitting at the top of the page.

I might have to copy this idea, but then I always was nothing without you 😉

shelf appeal

Copy away. But I think illustrations might look a bit out of place sat at the top of Atelier Tally. You need something logo-ish and weighted, preferably monochrome. Just wanted to get that on record so that I can say I was right..

shelf appeal

I still don’t see it. Perhaps because your content is avowedly more modern than mine. And you use a lot of imagery, which will clash with a busy header – whomever draws it.

You don’t do whimsy, which is where a lot of illustration comes from. Why not get James to do you a business card instead? Even his blog has a strong typographical header to balance out the busy illustration below.

You need to commission a font for your blog, I say.


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